FDFullscreenPopGesture 1.1

FDFullscreenPopGesture 1.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Jun 2015

Maintained by sunnyxx.

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An UINavigationController's category to enable fullscreen pop gesture in an iOS7+ system style with AOP.



这个扩展来自 @J_雨 同学的这个很天才的思路,他的文章地址:http://www.jianshu.com/p/d39f7d22db6c


AOP, just add 2 files and no need for any setups, all navigation controllers will be able to use fullscreen pop gesture automatically.

To disable this pop gesture of a navigation controller:

navigationController.fd_fullscreenPopGestureRecognizer.enabled = NO;

To disable this pop gesture of a view controller:

viewController.fd_interactivePopDisabled = YES;

Require at least iOS 7.0.

View Controller Based Navigation Bar Appearance

It handles navigation bar transition properly when using fullscreen gesture to push or pop a view controller:

  • with bar -> without bar
  • without bar -> with bar
  • without bar -> without bar

snapshot with bar states

This opmiziation is enabled by default, from now on you don't need to call UINavigationController's -setNavigationBarHidden:animated: method, instead, use view controller's specific API to hide its bar:

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];
    self.fd_prefersNavigationBarHidden = NO;

And this property is YES by default.


Use cocoapods

pod 'FDFullscreenPopGesture', '1.1'

Release Notes

1.1 - View controller based navigation bar appearance and transition.
1.0 - Fullscreen pop gesture.