EtherKit 0.2.0

EtherKit 0.2.0

Maintained by Cole Potrocky, Zac Morris.

EtherKit 0.2.0

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  • Vault, Inc.


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EtherKit is a WIP library for building rich, secure applications on the Ethereum blockchain. It plans on providing:

  • A spec-compliant JSONRPC API with both HTTPS/Websocket support.
  • A conversion engine that can convert between subdenominations of Ethereum.
  • A Keystore for generating and accessing Ethereum Wallets.
  • A codegen utility for generating Swift bindings for a Contract's ABI.


To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.


iOS 10.0+ Swift 4.1+


EtherKit is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'EtherKit'


EtherKit is built with love by Vault


EtherKit is available under the Apache-2.0 license. See LICENSE file for details.