EmarsysPredictSDK 1.0.38

EmarsysPredictSDK 1.0.38

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License Apache-2.0
ReleasedLast Release Mar 2018

Maintained by Scarab Research.

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Emarsys Predict SDK for iOS


This document describes the Emarsys Predict SDK for the iOS platform. It is intended for iOS mobile app developers who want to integrate Emarsys Web Extend or Predict Recommendations into native mobile app. The document describes the main Emarsys Predict SDK interface functions.


Minimum supported version is iOS8

pod ‘EmarsysPredictSDK’

and run ‘pod install’

  • Implement data collection in the application
  • Implement recommendations

Getting started

The semantics of each EmarsysPredictSDK function is documented in our JavaScript API. There are two foundamental difference between the Javascript API and the iOS SDK:

  • Click tracking: You should instantiate EMTransaction object with the initWithSelectedItemView method in objective c, or EMTransaction.init(item: EMRecommendationItem?) in swift, if the user selects a recommended item
  • Rendering recommendations: We recommend to use a tableview or a collectionview for displaying the recommendations, and append/make the results from the recommendation to the data source, than reload the data to it.

You may filter down the live events on console for events only coming from iOS devices for developing/debugging purposes.

The Javascript API documentation lives here:

The interface documentation is located here.

Sample Code

We also created example applications for you to make it easier to implement Emarsys Predict SDK in your ecommerce application, they live in this repository.

We <3 open source software, that’s why we open sourced our Emarsys Predict SDK implementation. That way you can be confident that the library what you include contains only the code necessary to deliver awesome recommendations and also manage the data collection. You find the repositiory here.


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