EasyReact 2.3.1

EasyReact 2.3.1

Maintained by William Zang, ValiantCat.

EasyReact 2.3.1

  • By
  • William Zang, 姜沂 and Qin Hong


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What is EasyReact

EasyReact is an easy-to-use reactive programming framework.

Why use EasyReact

Are you confused by the functors, applicatives, and monads in RxSwift and ReactiveCocoa? It doesn't matter, the concepts are so complicated that not many developers actually use them in normal projects. Is there an easy-to-use way to use reactive programming? EasyReact is born for this reason.


Note: The "Node" listed below refer to EZRNode, a unified representation of various values (all object types) in EasyReact.

Learn more

  1. Framework Overview

  2. Basic Operations

  3. Memory Management

  4. How to Contribute

Compare other Functional Reactive libraries (e.g. ReactiveCocoa or ReactiveX)

Project EasyReact ReactiveCocoa ReactiveX
Core idea Graph theory and object-oriented programming Functional programming Functional programming and generic programming
Propagation variability
Basic transformation
Combination transformation
High-order transformation
Traversal node/signal
Multi-language support Objective-C
(Other language versions will open source in the future)
Objective-C, Swift Many language versions
Performance faster slow fastest
Chinese document support
Debugging tools Topology display
More rich dynamic debugging tools(Coming soon)

System Requirements

  • iOS 8.0 +
  • Xcode 8.0 +

How to run the example project

git clone this repo,excute pod install in Example/, then open EasyReact.xcworkspace.



Add the following content in Podfile

pod 'EasyReact'

Then execute pod install

How to use (For a more detailed example, please see the test specs in the example project Tests/)

Unit Test

EasyReact contains a complete unit test with the relevant code in the Example/Tests folder. You can open the sample project and execute the Test command to run these unit tests.

Time-consuming Benchmarking with EasyReact and ReactiveCocoa Common APIs


Build Platform: macOS Mojave 10.14

IDE: Xcode 10.0(10A255)

Device: iPhone XS Max 256G iOS 12.0(16A366)


  1. Single stage operations, such as listener, map, filter, flattenMap, etc.
  2. Multicast operations, such as combine, zip, merge, etc.
  3. syncWith operations

The scale of the test is based on 10 operating objects and 1000 triggers. For example, the listener method has 10 listeners and repeats the action of sending the value 1000 times. The unit of time is ns.

Result data

Repeat the above experiment 10 times to get the data as follows:

name listener map filter flattenMap combine zip merge syncWith
EasyReact 4218689 26615802 9872381 9896752 5744164 48405085 29639206 11846827
ReactiveCocoa 2263981 42883385 28768289 28810331 127882031 82689281 6809210 30935277
RAC:EasyReact 53.7% 161.1% 291.4% 291.1% 2226.3% 170.8% 23.0% 261.1%



ReactiveCocoa's average time consuming is 434.8% times more than EasyReact.

EasyReact will compare benchmark with RxSwift when the Swift version open source recently.


William Zang, [email protected]
姜沂, [email protected]
Qin Hong, [email protected]
SketchK, [email protected]
zesming, [email protected]
Zhiyu Wong, [email protected]
johnnywjy, [email protected]
qiezishu, [email protected]


EasyReact is Apache Public License 2.0