DrX 3.3.1

DrX 3.3.1

Maintained by James Power, Ryan Wachowski, Sylvester Watts, Sean ODonnell.

Depends on:
RxRelay>= 0
RxSwift>= 0

DrX 3.3.1

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DrX is a collection of convenience extensions of RxSwift which add new operators for concisely handling common patterns and/or scenarios. In addition to an agnostic core, DrX also supports iOS RxCocoa.



Cocoapods: pod 'DrX', '~> 3.0'. See DrX.podspec for more information.

Carthage: github "DuetHealth/DrX" ~> 3.0 && carthage update

Swift Package Manager: .package(url: "https://github.com/DuetHealth/DrX.git", "3.0.0" ..< "4.0.0")

Running tests

Run the command pod install to install the project's test dependencies and generate the workspace. Open DrX.xcworkspace, select the framework target, and press ⌘ + U to execute the test action of the target.


DrX is MIT-licensed. The MIT license is included in the root of the repository.