DatadogSDKObjc 1.8.0-beta1

DatadogSDKObjc 1.8.0-beta1

Maintained by Maciek Grzybowski, Mert Buran, Datadog, Maxime Epain.

DatadogSDKObjc 1.8.0-beta1

  • By
  • Maciek Grzybowski, Mert Buran and Maxime Epain

Datadog SDK for iOS

Swift and Objective-C libraries to interact with Datadog on iOS.

Getting Started

Log Collection

See the dedicated Datadog iOS Log Collection documentation to learn how to send logs from your iOS application to Datadog.

Datadog iOS Log Collection

Trace Collection

See Datadog iOS Trace Collection documentation to try it out.

Datadog iOS Log Collection

RUM Events Collection

See Datadog iOS RUM Collection documentation to try it out.

Datadog iOS RUM Collection



If you use Alamofire, review the DatadogAlamofireExtension library to learn how to automatically instrument requests with Datadog SDK.


Pull requests are welcome. First, open an issue to discuss what you would like to change. For more information, read the Contributing Guide.


Apache License, v2.0