DLRadioButton 1.4.12

DLRadioButton 1.4.12

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Apr 2018

Maintained by DLRadioButton.


Version License Platform Carthage compatible

DLRadioButton is an easy to use and highly customizable radio buttons control for iOS. It's a subclass of UIButton, and works smoothly with both Objective-C and Swift.

Since its release, DLRadioButton has become the most popular radio buttons control for iOS 🎉. Thank you for all the great feedback and making it better for all of us 👏.




To install:

  • Option 1: simply put DLRadioButton.h and DLRadiobutton.m in your project.
  • Option 2: add pod 'DLRadioButton', '~> 1.4' to your Podfile.
  • Option 3: add github "DavydLiu/DLRadioButton" ~> 1.4 to your Cartfile.

To add radio buttons in interface builder:

  1. Put some UIButtons onto a View and change the UIButtons' type to "custom".

    change UIButton Type

  2. Set the UIButtons' class to "DLRadioButton".

    change UIButton Class

  3. Set "otherButtons" outlet.

    set otherButtons outlet

To customize DLRadiobutton:

  • Simply set properties directly in Interface Builder.

    design DLButton

  • Property reference:


To add radio buttons programmatically, please refer to the example project.


ARC, iOS 6.0


David Liu. For help or any questions, feel free to open an issue.


DLRadioButton is available under the MIT license.