DKImageBrowser 0.1.5

DKImageBrowser 0.1.5

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Oct 2015

Maintained by Daniel Khamsing.

iOS controller to display images (URL or UIImage) alongside a strip of thumbnails



  • Drag DKImageBrowser/DKImageBrowser to your project.
  • #import "DKImageBrowser.h" (or #import "DKModalImageBrowser.h")


Set up the data source array and pass it to an instance of DKImageBrowser.

    DKImageBrowser *imageBrowser = [[DKImageStripController alloc] init];
    imageBrowser.DKImageDataSource =  @[ @"",
                                         @""], ];
    [self.navigationController pushViewController:imagesController animated:YES];

The data source DKImageDataSource can also be a list of UIImage objects.

    imageBrowser.DKImageDataSource = @[ [UIImage imageNamed:@"400-1.jpg"],
                                        [UIImage imageNamed:@"400-2.jpg"], ];

To present the controller modally, use DKModalImageBrowser.

    DKModalImageBrowser *modalImageBrowser = [[DKModalImageBrowser alloc] init];    
    // note: use modalImageBrowser.imageBrowser to set data source, customize
    modalImageBrowser.imageBrowser.DKImageDataSource = @[ [UIImage imageNamed:@"400-1.jpg"],
                                                          [UIImage imageNamed:@"400-2.jpg"], ];
    [self presentViewController:modalImageBrowser animated:YES completion:nil];


    func actionDefault() {
        let imageBrowser = DKImageBrowser()
        imageBrowser.title = "UIImage Data Source"

        let imageDataSource: [UIImage] = [
            UIImage(named: "400-1.jpg")!,
            UIImage(named: "400-2.jpg")!,
        imageBrowser.DKImageDataSource = imageDataSource

        self.navigationController?.pushViewController(imageBrowser, animated: true)

    func actionCustom() {
        var kittenDataSource: [NSString] = []
        let imageHeight = 416
        let imageWidth = Int(self.view.bounds.size.width - 20)

        for index in 1...10 {
            let placeKitten = "\(imageWidth + (index * 2  + 10))/\(imageHeight)" as NSString

        let modalImageBrowser = DKModalImageBrowser()
        modalImageBrowser.title = "URL Data Source"

        modalImageBrowser.imageBrowser.DKImageDataSource = kittenDataSource
        modalImageBrowser.imageBrowser.DKImagePadding = 5
        modalImageBrowser.imageBrowser.DKThumbnailStripHeight = 110
        modalImageBrowser.imageBrowser.DKBackgroundColor = UIColor.blackColor()
        modalImageBrowser.imageBrowser.DKThumbnailStripPosition = 0
        modalImageBrowser.imageBrowser.DKStartIndex = 2

        self.presentViewController(modalImageBrowser, animated: true, completion: nil)


  • DKBackgroundColor Background color of the image browser. The default is white.
  • DKImagePadding Padding around the images. The default is 20.
  • DKImageWidth Width of the main image being displayed. The default is the width of the screen -100.
  • DKStartIndex Starting image index. The default is 0 (first image).
  • DKThumbnailStripHeight Height of the thumbnail strip. The default is 100.
  • DKThumbnailStripPosition Position of the thumbnail strip, either DKThumbnailStripPositionTop or DKThumbnailStripPositionBottom. The default is DKThumbnailStripPositionBottom.


DKImageBrowser includes Swift and Objective-C demo projects.


This project was tested with iOS 9.



DKImageBrowser is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.