CustomIOSAlertView 0.9.5

CustomIOSAlertView 0.9.5

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Sep 2016

Maintained by Richard Dancsi.

Custom iOS AlertView


support for iOS7+

The addSubview is not available in UIAlertView since iOS7. The view hierarchy for this class is private and must not be modified.

As a solution, this class creates an iOS-style dialog which you can extend with any UIViews or buttons. The animations and the looks are copied too and no images or other resources are needed.

A demo screen


As simple as adding the following files to your project:

  • CustomIOSAlertView.h
  • CustomIOSAlertView.m

Or use Cocoapods:

pod 'CustomIOSAlertView', '~> 0.9.5'

Change notes

  • Fixed rotation for IOS8

  • Removed 7 from the class name. Just use CustomIOSAlertView from now on, like: [[CustomIOSAlertView alloc] init];

  • The initWithParentView method is now deprecated. Please use the init method instead, where you don't need to pass a parent view at all. In case the init doesn't work for you, please leave a note or open an issue here.

Quick start guide

  1. Create the UIView object changed

    CustomIOSAlertView *alertView = [[CustomIOSAlertView alloc] init];
  2. Add some custom content to the alert view (optional)

    UIView *customView ..;
    [alertView setContainerView:customView];
  3. Display the dialog

    [alertView show];

More functions

  • Close the dialog

    [alertView close];
  • To add more buttons, pass a list of titles

    [alertView setButtonTitles:[NSMutableArray arrayWithObjects:@"Button1", @"Button2", @"Button3", nil]];
  • You can remove all buttons by passing nil

    [alertView setButtonTitles:NULL];
  • You can enable or disable the iOS7 parallax effects on the alert view

    [alertView setUseMotionEffects:TRUE];
  • Handle button clicks with a custom delegate

    First, set the delegate:

    [alertView setDelegate:self];

    Then add the delegate methods:

    - (void)customIOS7dialogButtonTouchUpInside: (CustomIOSAlertView *)alertView clickedButtonAtIndex: (NSInteger)buttonIndex
        NSLog(@"Button at position %d is clicked on alertView %d.", buttonIndex, [alertView tag]);
  • Handle button clicks with a code block

    [alertView setOnButtonTouchUpInside:^(CustomIOSAlertView *alertView, int buttonIndex) {
        NSLog(@"Block: Button at position %d is clicked on alertView %d.", buttonIndex, [alertView tag]);
        [alertView close];

    You can also disable all other delegates by:

    [alertView setDelegate:self];


This is a really quick implementation, and there are a few things missing:

  • Adding more buttons: they don't exactly match the look with that of on iOS7

  • Rotation: rotates wrong with the keyboard on

Special thanks to

  • @tamasdancsi for his support with the initial code
  • @dingosky for his work on the parallax effects code
  • @raspu for his work on the protocol delegates, iOS6 support and onButtonClick blocks
  • @sbandol for his idea on adding the AlertView as the top most view in the hierarchy
  • @scorpiozj for his work on the rotation code
  • @kwent for adding performance optimisations
  • @thomasaw for the refract on the deprecated initWithParentview
  • @yiboyu for the multi-line button fix
  • @logicxd for the close-on-touchup-outside code


MIT. Please read for more info.

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