CurlDSL 0.0.5

CurlDSL 0.0.5

Maintained by Weizhong Yang.

CurlDSL 0.0.5


2019 © Weizhong Yang a.k.a zonble

CurlDSL converts cURL commands into URLRequest objects. The Swift package helps you to build HTTP clients in your iOS/macOS/tvOS easier, once you have a cURL command example for a Web API endpoint.

CurlDSL does not embed cURL library into your project. It is also not a Swift code generator, but it is a simple interpreter, it parses and interprets your cURL command at run time.

The project is inspired by cURL as DSL by Yoshiki Shibukawa.

CurlDSL supports only HTTP and HTTPS right now.


  • Swift 5 or above
  • iOS 13 or above
  • macOS 10.15 or above
  • tvOS 13 or above


You can install the package via Swift Package Manager.


There is only one important object, CURL. You can just pass your cURL command to it. For example:

try CURL("curl -X GET")

You can use it to build URLRequest objects.

let request = try? CURL("curl -X GET").buildRequest()

Or jsut run the data task:

try CURL("").run { data, response, error in 
    /// Do what you like...

Supported Options

We do not support all of options of cURL. The supported options are as the following list.

   -d, --data=DATA                         HTTP POST data (H)
   -F, --form=KEY=VALUE                    Specify HTTP multipart POST data (H)
       --form-string=KEY=VALUE             Specify HTTP multipart POST data (H)
   -H, --header=LINE                       Pass custom header LINE to server (H)
   -e, --referer=                          Referer URL (H)
   -X, --request=COMMAND                   Specify request command to use
       --url=URL                           URL to work with
   -u, --user=USER[:PASSWORD]              Server user and password
   -A, --user-agent=STRING                 User-Agent to send to server (H)

Built-in Response Handlers

The package has several built-in handlers:

  • JsonDictionaryHandler: Decodes fetched JSON data into a dictionary.
  • CodableHandler: Decodes fetched JSON data into Codable objects.
  • DataHandler: Simply returns raw data.


The package is released under MIT license.

Pull requests are welcome.