CombineX.swift 0.0.1-beta.2

CombineX.swift 0.0.1-beta.2

Maintained by jianstm.

CombineX.swift 0.0.1-beta.2

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  • Quentin Jin


CombineX is an open source implementation for Apple's Combine specs. It allows you to use Combine's API right now, without the need for macOS 10.15 or iOS 13, without the need for the Apple platform.


CombineX will try to provide:

  1. ~100% consistent behavior with the Apple Combine.
  2. More extensions Combine don't have but are very useful. You can find them [here] (


Compatible with Combine beta 5.

A new beta version will be released every Monday.


This library is still in beta testing, Please do not use it in production!


Try it out

Swift Package Manager

In your Package.swift:

    .package(url: "", ._branchItem("master"))


  • CombineX.Foundation: provides all Foundation extension implementations, built on top of CombineX, such as URLSession, NotificationCenter, Timer, etc.
  • CombineX.Compatible: provides CombineX API Shims, help you resolve migration concerns that may arise.


Welcome! CombineX is always looking for collaborators!

Now, what CombineX need most are testing. You can:

  1. Add more functional tests.
  2. Make sure Combine can pass it.
  3. If CombineX can not pass it, open an issue, or fix it directly!


Since some people may not have macOS 10.15 beta installed, the recommended contributing way is:

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Open Specs/Specs.xcworkspace, make your changes under CombineX/CombineX folder.
  3. All tests go CombineXTests/CombineXTests folder. Make sure both scheme Specs and scheme CombineX pass the tests you wrote.

Bugs in Combine

Since Combine is still in beta, it is inevitable that it has bugs. If you find something strange, open an issue to discuss with us, or leave a // FIXME: annotation. In fact, there are already some FIXME annotations in CombineX.


Why write this?

  1. Combine has a strict system version limit(macOS 10.15+, iOS 13+). This means that even if your app only needs to support two forward versions, you have to wait for almost three years.
  2. Combine is closed source. It is the same as UIKit, MapKit, updating with the update of xcode. When you encounter a bug, you must have encountered a system library bug before, the debugging is very annoying. And the more annoying is the slow official response, usually you can only wait for the next regular update of xcode.
  3. Combine is Apple platform only and doesn't support Linux.