CleanJSON 1.0.9

CleanJSON 1.0.9

Maintained by Pircate.

CleanJSON 1.0.9

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继承自 JSONDecoder,在标准库源码基础上做了改动,以解决 JSONDecoder 各种解析失败的问题,如键值不存在,值为 null,类型不一致。

只需将 JSONDecoder 替换成 CleanJSONDecoder。


To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.


  • iOS 9.0
  • Swift 5.2


CleanJSON is available through CocoaPods or Carthage. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile or Cartfile:


pod 'CleanJSON'


github "Pircate/CleanJSON"


import CleanJSON



let decoder = CleanJSONDecoder()
try decoder.decode(Model.self, from: data)

// 支持直接解析符合 JSON 规范的字典和数组
try decoder.decode(Model.self, from: ["key": value])


对于枚举类型请遵循 CaseDefaultable 协议,如果解析失败会返回默认 case

Note: 枚举使用强类型解析,关联类型和数据类型不一致不会进行类型转换,会解析为默认 case

enum Enum: Int, Codable, CaseDefaultable {
    case case1
    case case2
    case case3
    static var defaultCase: Enum {
        return .case1

Customize decoding strategy

可以通过 valueNotFoundDecodingStrategy 在值为 null 或类型不匹配的时候自定义解码,默认策略请看这里

struct CustomAdapter: JSONAdapter {
    // 由于 Swift 布尔类型不是非 0 即 true,所以默认没有提供类型转换。
    // 如果想实现 Int 转 Bool 可以自定义解码。
    func adapt(_ decoder: CleanDecoder) throws -> Bool {
        // 值为 null
        if decoder.decodeNil() {
            return false
        if let intValue = try decoder.decodeIfPresent(Int.self) {
            // 类型不匹配,期望 Bool 类型,实际是 Int 类型
            return intValue != 0
        return false
    // 为避免精度丢失所以没有提供浮点型转整型
    // 可以通过下面适配器进行类型转换
    func adapt(_ decoder: CleanDecoder) throws -> Int {
        guard let doubleValue = try decoder.decodeIfPresent(Double.self) else { return 0 }
        return Int(doubleValue)
    // 可选的 URL 类型解析失败的时候返回一个默认 url
    func adaptIfPresent(_ decoder: CleanDecoder) throws -> URL? {
        return URL(string: "")

decoder.valueNotFoundDecodingStrategy = .custom(CustomAdapter())

可以通过 JSONStringDecodingStrategy 将 JSON 格式的字符串自动转成 Codable 对象或数组

// 包含这些 key 的 JSON 字符串转成对象
decoder.jsonStringDecodingStrategy = .containsKeys([])

// 所有 JSON 字符串都转成对象
decoder.jsonStringDecodingStrategy = .all

keyDecodingStrategy 新增了一个自定义映射器,可以只映射指定 coding path 的 key

decoder.keyDecodingStrategy = .mapper([
    ["snake_case"]: "snakeCase",
    ["nested", "alpha"]: "a"

For Moya

使用 Moya.Response 自带的 map 方法解析,传入 CleanJSONDecoder

provider = MoyaProvider<GitHub>()
provider.request(.zen) { result in
    switch result {
    case let .success(response):
        let decoder = CleanJSONDecoder()
        let model =, using: decoder)
    case let .failure(error):
        // this means there was a network failure - either the request
        // wasn't sent (connectivity), or no response was received (server
        // timed out).  If the server responds with a 4xx or 5xx error, that
        // will be sent as a ".success"-ful response.

For RxMoya

provider = MoyaProvider<GitHub>()

let decoder = CleanJSONDecoder()
    .map(Model.self, using: decoder)
    .subscribe { event in
        switch event {
        case let .success(model):
            // do someting
        case let .error(error):


Pircate, [email protected]


CleanJSON is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.