ChineseSubdivisionsPicker 0.4.1

ChineseSubdivisionsPicker 0.4.1

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Jun 2016
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Maintained by huajiahen.

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ChineseSubdivisionsPicker is a simple Chinese Subdivisions picker inherited from UIPickerView and written in Swift.

中国行政区划选择器继承自 UIPickerView,使用 swift 实现。

You can let user pick province, city and district data from it.


Campatible from iOS7 to iOS9.


let myPicker = ChineseSubdivisionsPicker() 
//You can also use Interface Builder to create a ChineseSubdivisionsPicker
myPicker.pickerType = .District
myPicker.pickerDelegate = self


pickerType: ChineseSubdivisionsPicker.ChineseSubdivisionsPickerType

Available picker types are .Province .City and .District Picker type is .District in default.

可选的选择器类型为 .Province(只可选择省份) .City(可选择省市) and .District (可选择省市区),默认的选择器类型是 .District(可选择省市区)。

pickerDelegate: ChineseSubdivisionsPickerDelegate

You should implement subdivisionsPickerDidUpdate() in your pickerDelegate (a UIViewController in usual) to receive callback when picker value is changed.

你需要在你的 pickerDelegate(通常是一个 UIViewController)里实现 subdivisionsPickerDidUpdate() 方法,ChineseSubdivisionsPicker 会在更新选定的省市区时调用这个方法。

province, city, district: String?

You can fetch current province, city and district name.

可通过 province, city, district 属性获取到目前选择的省市区的名字。


Changing dataSource or delegate of ChineseSubdivisionsPicker will not work. You should change pickerDelegate instead for receiving callback.

注意,ChineseSubdivisionsPicker 的 dataSourcedelegate 是无法修改的 (否则 Picker 无法正常工作)。如果你想要接受回调,应该修改 pickerDelegate 属性。


iOS8 or later

pod 'ChineseSubdivisionsPicker'

Due to iOS limitation, you can not intergrate swift file (such as ChineseSubdivisionsPicker) with cocoapods in project which deployment targer is iOS7. But you can follow To manually add to your project below.

To manually add to your project

  1. Add all files in ChineseSubdivisionsPicker/ to your project
  2. that’s all!


huajiahen, [email protected]


ChineseSubdivisionsPicker is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.