CSStickyHeaderFlowLayout 0.2.11

CSStickyHeaderFlowLayout 0.2.11

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Sep 2016

Maintained by James Tang, Christian Enevoldsen.

  • By
  • James Tang


For anyone who'd like to be a contributor to the repository, please ping me via email.

Parallax, Sticky Headers, Growing image heading, done right in one UICollectionViewLayout.

Usage (Swift/Code)

Documentation is coming soon. For now please open CSStickyHeaderFlowLayout.xcworkspace > SwiftDemo target.


  • 0.2.11: Add support for carthage.

  • 0.2.10: Fixed issue because attributes were not copied and datasource might have been niled

  • 0.2.9: Remove Supplementry Header Layout Attribute to prevent crash when returning nil and while is CGSizeZero

  • 0.2.8: Fixed a visual issue when animating contentInsets #85 and crash when dragging cells #69

  • 0.2.7: Fixed scroll indicator covered by cell

  • 0.2.6: Fixing that section header being covered by cell after perform batch update

  • 0.2.5: Fixing a crash when quickly popping back to a view controller using the parallax header

  • 0.2.4: Possibly fix for a crash when parallaxHeaderReferenceSize is changed

  • 0.2.3: Enabled iPhone 6 screen sizes, reverted a patch and fixed a visual bug and content tapping bug.

  • 0.2.2: Fix 1px header and zIndex problem, thanks @m1entus and @Xyand

  • 0.2.1: Fix crash on reloadData in collection view when header is offscreen, thanks @jessesquires

  • 0.2: Added custom UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes to support more advanced example (Spotify App)

  • 0.1.1: Minor fixes for default number of sections, thanks @miwillhite

  • 0.1: Initial Release

Who's using it?

We've a wiki page for that, feel free to add your projects there!


  • Xcode 5
  • iOS 7 (I haven't really test on iOS 6 but it should work if you're using iOS 6 compatible Storyboard)


James Tang, [email protected]


CSStickyHeaderFlowLayout is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.