CBHPreferencesManager 1.0.0

CBHPreferencesManager 1.0.0

Maintained by Chris Huxtable.


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An easy-to-use preferences manager. Additionally includes a notification system.


Gets the shared manager, registers a call back for a key, and changes the key, after which the callback will be executed.

CBHPreferencesKey NameKey = @"NameKey";

// ...

CBHPreferencesManager *manager = [CBHPreferencesManager sharedManager];
[manager registerObject:self withSelector:@selector(nameChanged:) forChangeOfKey:NameKey];
[manager setObject@"Chris Huxtable" forKey:NameKey];

// ...

- (void)nameChanged:(NSNotification *)notification
	NSLog(@"Name Changed to %@", [notification object]);


CBHPreferencesManager is available under the ISC license.