CBHAboutWindow 1.2.0

CBHAboutWindow 1.2.0

Maintained by Chris Huxtable.


release pod licence coverage

A fancier about window. Designed for my ease-of-use, but flexible enough for anyone.


Adding a controller so that once the window is closed both the window and controller are released.

CBHAboutWindowController *controller = [CBHAboutWindowController controller];

/// Setup...
[controller setTitle:@"Great Western Railway"];
[controller setVersion:@"1.0.0β"];
[controller setAuthor:@"Engineered by Isambard Kingdom Brunel"];
[controller setCopyright:@"Copyright © 1835 Isambard Kingdom Brunel. All rights reserved."];

[controller setWebsiteURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Western_Railway"]];

[controller showWindow:self];


CBHAboutWindow is available under the ISC license.