ButtonStatic 6.31.0

ButtonStatic 6.31.0

Maintained by Wes Smith.

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Button SDK

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Join the Button Marketplace and access dozens of top merchants to earn while your users shop. Button’s merchants represent some of the largest mobile-first companies in the world, from Amazon to Uber. Integrate the Button SDK and earn a percentage of all purchases driven as a commission and a bounty for all installs. Plus, Buttons work everywhere your users are — iOS, Android, and Mobile Web.

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Getting the SDK

The best way to get the Button SDK is to use CocoaPods. If you don't already use CocoaPods, the CocoaPods Getting Started Guide will have you managing dependencies in no time.

Add Button to your target by adding the following line to your Podfile.

pod "Button", "~> 6"

Alternatively, you can download the latest Button framework and follow the Framework Integration Steps.

Getting Started

  1. Get an Application ID by signing up here: app.usebutton.com

  2. Follow the Integration Guide.

Going Live

Before you submit to the App Store, follow the steps in the Button dashboard to get ready for using Button in production!


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