BluedotPointSDK 15.4.0

BluedotPointSDK 15.4.0

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CocoaPods Compatible Carthage Compatible

iOS PointSDK

Bluedot Innovation's cutting edge location services solution - the Bluedot Point SDK - is powering the most innovative location-based apps for iOS and Android. Deliver creative content and collect valuable analytics using Bluedot Innovation's powerful, precise and easy-to-use location services technology.

The Bluedot Point SDK enables mobile apps to trigger any action (like opening websites, sending messages and playing video) when users walk or drive through precise locations set anywhere in the world using Bluedot's advanced Geofences, Geolines™ or Beacon capability.


Reference this repository in your Podfile:

source ''

pod 'BluedotPointSDK'


Add the following dependency in your Cartfile

github "Bluedot-Innovation/PointSDK-iOS"


You can find documentation for the SDK and release notes on

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Created by Bluedot Innovation in 2020. Copyright © 2020 Bluedot Innovation. All rights reserved.

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