BitFiddle 0.2.0

BitFiddle 0.2.0

Maintained by Ryan Wachowski.

BitFiddle 0.2.0

  • By
  • Ryan Wachowski


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BitFiddle is a library for reading and interpreting raw data. It makes use of the type system to create safe interfaces for converting to and from various types. The goal of BitFiddle is to ensure that clients can focus on using data instead of asserting preconditions.


Cocoapods: pod 'BitFiddle', '~> 0.1.0'. See BitFiddle.podspec for more information.

Carthage: github "rpwachowski/BitFiddle" ~> 0.1.0 && carthage update


BitFiddle is still in a "beta state" so the public API may change frequently. Contributions of any kind are very welcome.


BitFiddle is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.