BaseKit 0.2.5

BaseKit 0.2.5

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License Apache 2
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Liu Wanwei.

BaseKit 0.2.5

  • By
  • Bruno Wernimont

BaseKit is a set of IOS class to make your life easier.


You have two way to do that

  • Copying files.
  • Install using CocoaPods.

Copying files

Add Code dir or pick library that you need inside Code/*.


Create iPhone and iPad IOS FORM with BaseKit

UITableView Dynamic cell mapping like Restkit


Perform operation in background.

[BKOperationHelper performBlockInBackground:^{
    // Do your operation in background
} completion:^{
    // Update UI in main queue


[BKIteratingHelper iterateTil:4 usingBlock:^(int number) {
    NSLog(@"%d", number);


Present modal view controller with block.

[self presentModalViewControllerWithBlock:^UIViewController *{
    return [[[AnyViewController alloc] init] autorelease];
} animated:YES];

Push view controller with block.

[self.navigationController pushViewControllerWithBlock:^UIViewController *{
    return [[[AnyViewController alloc] init] autorelease];
} animated:YES];

Cell mapping

self.tableModel = [BKTableModel tableModelForTableView:self.tableView];
self.tableView.dataSource = self.tableModel;
self.tableView.delegate = self.tableModel;

[BKCellMapping mappingForObjectClass:[Item class] block:^(BKCellMapping *cellMapping) {
    [cellMapping mapKeyPath:@"title" toAttribute:@"textLabel.text"];

    [cellMapping onSelectRowWithBlock:^(UITableViewCell *cell, Item *item, NSIndexPath *indexPath) {
           // Do something

    [cellMapping mapObjectToCellClass:[UITableViewCell class]];
    [self.tableModel registerMapping:cellMapping];

NSArray *items = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
                    [Item itemWithTitle:@"Simple mapping"],
                    [Item itemWithTitle:@"Nib cell example"],

[self.tableModel loadTableItems:items];

For more example open Examples/CellMappingExample/CellMappingExample.xcodeproj project.

Form mapping

Create form connected with a model very easy. Each time you add a "mapAttribute" you must give a property name that belongs to your object, after value change it is automatically saved into the property.

BaseKit use an external library called ActionSheetPicker but unfortunately that library doesn't support ARC yet, so you need to add "-fno-objc-arc" when you import it to your project.

self.formModel = [BKFormModel formTableModelForTableView:self.tableView navigationController:self.navigationController];

[BKFormMapping mappingForClass:[Movie class] block:^(BKFormMapping *formMapping) {
    [formMapping sectiontTitle:@"Information section" identifier:@"info"];
    [formMapping mapAttribute:@"title" title:@"Title" type:BKFormAttributeMappingTypeText];
    [formMapping mapAttribute:@"releaseDate" title:@"ReleaseDate" type:BKFormAttributeMappingTypeDatePicker];
    [formMapping mapAttribute:@"suitAllAges" title:@"All ages" type:BKFormAttributeMappingTypeBoolean];
    [formMapping mapAttribute:@"shortName" title:@"ShortName" type:BKFormAttributeMappingTypeLabel];
    [formMapping mapAttribute:@"numberOfActor" title:@"Number of actor" type:BKFormAttributeMappingTypeInteger];
    [formMapping mapAttribute:@"content" title:@"Content" type:BKFormAttributeMappingTypeBigText];

    [formMapping mapAttribute:@"choice" title:@"Choices" selectValuesBlock:^NSArray *(id value, id object, NSInteger *selectedValueIndex){
        *selectedValueIndex = 1;
        return [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"choice1", @"choice2", nil];
    } valueWithBlock:^id(id value, id object, NSInteger selectedValueIndex) {
        return value;

    [formMapping buttonSave:@"Save" handler:^{

    [self.formModel registerMapping:formMapping];

[self.formModel loadFieldsWithObject:movie];

Form Mapping

For more example open Examples/FormMappingExample/FormMappingExample.xcodeproj project.


Easy to use CoreLocation manager with block or default delegate.

BKLocationManager *manager = [BKLocationManager sharedManager];

[manager setDidUpdateLocationBlock:^(CLLocationManager *manager, CLLocation *newLocation, CLLocation *oldLocation) {

[manager setDidFailBlock:^(CLLocationManager *manager, NSError *error) {

[manager startUpdatingLocationWithAccuracy:kCLLocationAccuracyHundredMeters];

ARC Support

BaseKit is fully compatible out of box with both ARC and non-ARC project.


  • 2012/05/17 (0.2.3)

    • Fix cell mapping editing style
  • 2012/05/12 (0.2)

    • Added LocationManager
    • Added FormField
    • Added FormMapping
  • 2012/01/29 (0.1)

    • Initial release.

App using BaseKit

If you use BaseKit I'll be happy to add your app name here.



Bruno Wernimont