Bartinter 0.0.5

Bartinter 0.0.5

Maintained by Maxim Kotliar.

Bartinter 0.0.5

  • By
  • Maxim Kotliar

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Status bar apperance manager that make your status bar readable by dynamically changing it's color depending on content behind.



pod 'Bartinter'

to your podfile, and run

pod install


Set "View controller-based status bar appearance" (UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance) to YES in your Info.plist. Set ViewController's updatesStatusBarAppearanceAutomatically = true

That's it.


By default, bartinter swizzles a couple methods for your convenience. (see: UIKitSwizzling.swift) If you are not ok with method swizzling, you can disable it by following line:

Bartinter.isSwizzlingEnabled = false

Without swizzling you need to do some things manually:

Firstly, you need to provide childViewControllerForStatusBarStyle, in your ViewController subclass just add following:

override var childViewControllerForStatusBarStyle: UIViewController? {
    return statusBarUpdater

Secondly, you need to decide, when you need to refresh status bar style, for example on tableView scroll, so add:

func scrollViewDidScroll(_ scrollView: UIScrollView) {