BTEncryption 2.2.8

BTEncryption 2.2.8

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ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

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Braintree iOS SDK

The iOS SDK provides developers with a collection of easy-to-use APIs for adding native payments to their iOS application. It has three components:


The Braintree iOS SDK and Venmo Touch require iOS 5.0.0 or higher. Currently, Venmo Touch is available for US customers only.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with with Cocoapods.

# Add this line to your Podspec
pod 'Braintree', :git => ''

For a quick-start tutorial, visit our documentation site.

Sample Application

Included in this repository is a sample checkout application at braintree/SampleCheckout, which you may run against a sample merchant provided by Braintree on Heroku, or against a local server (code also provided in this repository).

Checkout braintree/SampleCheckout/ for more details on running the sample application.


  • Venmo Touch, a one-tap purchasing network enabling your users to make in-app purchases without typing in their credit card details.
  • The payment form: A beautiful, polished credit card entry form complete with built-in validations, ready for you to drop into your app.
  • Encryption: Client-side encryption allowing you to encrypt credit card data before sending it to your servers and on to the Braintree gateway, making PCI compliance a breeze.

These components are designed to work together, but can be used independently of each other. For example, you could use Venmo Touch and client-side encryption without using the prebuilt payment form.


You can find a complete set of documentation about the iOS SDK on Braintree's website. You might want to specifically check out the articles on:

For detailed class and method reference see the Venmo Touch header files and Braintree header/implementation files, all of which are extensively commented.

Getting Help

Tried integrating with VenmoTouch and still need help? Feel free to file a Github Issue or shoot us an email at [email protected].