AptoSDK 3.20.0

AptoSDK 3.20.0

Maintained by Ivan Oliver, Evan Li, Ivan Oliver, Pablo Basanta.

Depends on:
Alamofire~> 5.4.3
Bond~> 7.6
SwiftyJSON~> 5.0
GoogleKit~> 0.3
PhoneNumberKit~> 3.3.3
TrustKit~> 1.6
FTLinearActivityIndicator= 1.2.1
AlamofireNetworkActivityIndicator~> 3.1
Mixpanel-swift~> 3.2.0

AptoSDK 3.20.0

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Apto iOS Mobile SDK CocoaPods

Welcome to the Apto iOS Mobile SDK. This SDK provides access to Apto's mobile API, and is designed to be used for mobile apps. When using this SDK, there is no need for a separate API integration. All the API endpoints are exposed as simple-to-use SDK methods, and the data returned by the API is already encapsulated in the SDK and is easily accessible.

For more information about the SDK and deployment, see the iOS Mobile SDK docs

Contributions & Development

We look forward to receiving your feedback, including new feature requests, bug fixes and documentation improvements.

If you would like to contribute to the SDK development, see Contributions & Development.