Analysis 0.5.0

Analysis 0.5.0

Maintained by Bas Broek.

Analysis 0.5.0

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Analysis is a tool that helps you extract useful information from strings. It calculates the amount of sentences, words, characters, occurrence of words and characters, and more.


Analysis is available via CocoaPods.

pod 'Analysis'

Then run pod install.

Sample Project

There's a sample project in the Example directory. To use it, run pod install to download the required libraries.


Analysing a string is very straightforward. You can use any of these two ways to instantiate an Analysis:

import Analysis

let analysis = Analysis(of: "You are awesome, you!")


import Analysis

let analysis = "You are awesome, you!".analysed()

After that, you can get the information you need.

analysis.sentenceCount() // 1
analysis.wordCount(unique: true) // 4
analysis.characterCount(includingSpaces: false) // 18
analysis.wordOccurrences(caseSensitive: true) // ["You": 1, "are": 1, "awesome", 1, "you": 1]
analysis.wordOccurrences(caseSensitive: false) // ["you": 2, "are": 1, "awesome", 1]
analysis.frequency(of: "you", caseSensitive: false) // 50.0%
analysis.averageCharacters(per: .word) // 5.33

analysis.syllableCount() // 5
analysis.wordSyllables() // ["you": 1, "are": 1, "awesome": 2]
analysis.fleschReadingEase() // 97.025
analysis.fleschKincaidGradeLevel() // 0.72

You can also easily sort your occurences via an enhanced sorting method on Dictionary.

  .wordOccurrences(caseSensitive: false)
  .sorted(by: .key, order: .ascending) // [("are", 1), ("awesome", 1), ("you", 2)]


Want to contribute to this project? Great! There's some things that still need work, but definitely also let me know when you encounter any issues, spot a bug, or have a feature request!

Check out the issues for some tasks to get started with. Or, write tests. We can use as many as you can think of.


Analysis is released under an MIT license. See License for more information.