ActiveDays 0.1.0

ActiveDays 0.1.0

Maintained by Weizhong Yang.


Weizhong Yang (a.k.a zonble)

ActiveDays is a Swift module, which turns how active a user is in a week into events which could be sent to Analytics platforms such as Firebase, Microsoft AppCenter and so on.


When we want to measure how our users are engaged with our app, we may want to know how many days are they using in a week - How many users use our app only for one day, or seven days a week?

For example, if we want to know how many days does a user launch our app, we may create an instance of ActiveDaysPerWeekCounter, and start a session

    let activeDaysCounter = ActiveDaysPerWeekCounter(settingKey: "app-launch")

Then, pass a date to the ActiveDaysPerWeekCounter instance, it will tell you if you should send an event or not.

    let result = try! activeDaysCounter.commit(accessDate: Date())
    if case let .active(days) = result {
        // Send active days to your analytics platform here.


You can only install the extension with Swift Package Manager right now. Please add

    // swift-tools-version:4.0

    import PackageDescription

    let package = Package(
        name: "YourTargetName",
        products: [
            .executable(name: "YourTargetName", targets: ["YourTargetName"])
        dependencies: [
            .package(url: "", .upToNextMinor(from: "1.0.0"))
        targets: [
            .target(name: "YourTargetName", dependencies: ["ActiveDays"], path: "./Path/To/Your/Sources")