ActionCableClient 0.2.3

ActionCableClient 0.2.3

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Nov 2016
SwiftSwift Version 3.0
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Daniel Rhodes.


ActionCable is a new WebSockets server being released with Rails 5 which makes it easy to add real-time features to your app. This Swift client makes it dead-simple to connect with that server, abstracting away everything except what you need to get going.


To install, simply:


Get Started & Connect

import ActionCableClient

self.client = ActionCableClient(url: URL(string: "ws://domain.tld/cable")!)

// Connect!

client.onConnected = {

client.onDisconnected = {(error: Error?) in

Subscribe to a Channel

// Create the Room Channel
let roomChannel = client.create("RoomChannel") //The channel name must match the class name on the server

// More advanced usage
let room_identifier = ["room_id" : identifier]
let roomChannel = client.create("RoomChannel", identifier: room_identifier, autoSubscribe: true, bufferActions: true)

Channel Callbacks

// Receive a message from the server. Typically a Dictionary.
roomChannel.onReceive = { (JSON : Any?, error : ErrorType?) in
    print("Received", JSON, error)

// A channel has successfully been subscribed to.
roomChannel.onSubscribed = {

// A channel was unsubscribed, either manually or from a client disconnect.
roomChannel.onUnsubscribed = {

// The attempt at subscribing to a channel was rejected by the server.
roomChannel.onRejected = {

Perform an Action on a Channel

// Send an action
roomChannel["speak"](["message": "Hello, World!"])

// Alternate less magical way:
roomChannel.action("speak", ["message": "Hello, World!"])

// Note: The `speak` action must be defined already on the server

Authorization & Headers

// ActionCable can be picky about origins, so if you
// need it can be set here.
client.origin = "https://domain.tld/"

// If you need any sort of authentication, you 
// will not have cookies like you do in the browser,
// so set any headers here.
// These are available in the `Connection`
// on the server side.

client.headers = [
    "Authorization": "sometoken"


client.onPing = {


For more documentation, see the wiki


Starscream: The underlying WebSocket library.


Daniel Rhodes, [email protected]


ActionCableClient is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.