AccessCheckoutSDK 3.0.0

AccessCheckoutSDK 3.0.0

Maintained by Access Worldpay.

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Access Checkout SDK for iOS

Table of Contents

Project Structure

Access Checkout iOS is split into two projects:

  1. The AccessCheckoutSDK, available as a Cocoapods pod
  2. A sample App, AccessCheckoutDemo, demonstrating how to integrate the different functionalities available in the SDK

How to integrate the SDK in an iOS app

Refer to the Worldpay Developers documentation to find out how to integrate the SDK in your app -

Getting started with SDK development

Building the SDK project

Note: <access-checkout-ios-root> refers to the folder that contains your copy of the access-checkout-ios repository
  1. Install XCode, if not already installed

  2. Install cocoapods (for dependency management), if not already installed

    sudo gem install cocoapods
  3. Install dependencies for the SDK project (i.e. add pods)

    cd <access-checkout-ios-root>/AccessCheckoutSDK
    pod install
    pod update
  4. Open project in XCode

    1. Click on 'File > Open'
    2. Select the '/AccessCheckoutSDK/' directory and click 'Open'
  5. Build the project

    1. Click the Play button in the top left corner to build the project, the build should be successful.

Running tests

  1. Install pact-ruby-standalone

    1. Download a copy from
    2. Unzip the file in a folder of your choice (reference as <pact-ruby-folder> hereafter)
    3. Run the script located in <pact-ruby-folder>. This will install binaries in <pact-ruby-folder>/pact/bin/
  2. Create a syml link to the pact-ruby-standalone binaries in the AccessCheckoutSDK project

    cd <access-checkout-ios-root>/AccessCheckoutSDK/
    mkdir pact
    cd pact
    ln -s <pact-ruby-folder>/pact/bin .

    This step is required because we have configured a Test pre-action/post-action in XCode to start/stop a mock-service before and after the PACT tests. If you want, you can check this configuration as following:

    1. Click on the AccessCheckoutSDK scheme next to the Play/Stop icon at the top of XCode
    2. Click `Edit Scheme`
    3. Expand `Test`
    4. Click on `Pre-actions` / `Post-actions` to see the commands that are run
  3. Go to the Test Navigator in XCode. You can access it by

    1. Clicking on View > Navigators > Show Test Navigator menu
    2. Or by clicking on the Diamond icon in the small menu bar above the list of modules
  4. Click on the Play icon next to AccessCheckoutSDKTests to run the unit tests

  5. Click on the Play icon next to AccessCheckoutSDKPactTest to run the PACT tests

    1. If you're having failures, make sure that the <access-checkout-ios-root>/AccessCheckoutSDK/pact/bin sym link exists
  6. When running the Pact tests to generate and upload new Pact versions - make sure you run each Pact test file separately one after the other. There is an issue with PactConsumerSwift not supporting multiple providers.

Generate a mock class using Cuckoo for an existing production code class or protocol

See instructions in the AccessCheckoutSDK/scripts/ script

Running the Demo App

  1. Install dependencies for the demo app

    cd <access-checkout-ios-root>/AccessCheckoutDemo
    pod install
  2. Open project in XCode

    1. Click on 'File > Open'
    2. Select the '/AccessCheckoutSDKDemo/' directory and click 'Open'
  3. Run the demo app

    1. Click the Play button on the top-left corner of the screen to open the demo app in the simulated device of your choice.


Checkmarx scans are triggered on push via a webhook set up in GitHub, and CRs for new releases must have a valid Checkmarx report attached to the CR


Bumping the SDK version

Run the command below to bump the SDK version in code. A commit with all relevant changes will be added to the branch currently checked out.

./scripts/ -v=[version] -t=[ticket_number]