AXSwift 0.2.3

AXSwift 0.2.3

Maintained by Tyler Mandry.

AXSwift 0.2.3


Version Carthage compatible

AXSwift is a Swift wrapper for macOS's C-based accessibility client APIs. Working with these APIs is error-prone and a huge pain, so AXSwift makes everything easier:

  • Modern API that's 100% Swift
  • Explicit error handling
  • Complete coverage of the underlying C API
  • Better documentation than Apple's, which is pretty poor

This framework is intended as a basic wrapper, and doesn't keep any state or do any "magic". That's up to you!

Using AXSwift

Swift package manager (SPM) is not supported, because it cannot build libraries and applications that depend on Cocoa.


In your Cartfile:

github "tmandry/AXSwift" ~> 0.2


In your Podfile:

pod 'AXSwift', '~> 0.2'

See the source of AXSwiftExample and AXSwiftObserverExample for an example of the API.

Related Projects

Swindler, a framework for building macOS window managers in Swift, is built on top of AXSwift.