ARConsole 1.2

ARConsole 1.2

TestsTested βœ—
LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Sep 2017
SwiftSwift Version 3.0
SPMSupports SPM βœ—

Maintained by Alvaro Royo.

  • By
  • Alvaro Royo


Get Started

ARConsole lets you know in real time your application logs. It’s easy. Read bellow.

You can get it in CocoaPods or like a git submodule.

Pod "ARConsole"

How to use

First initialize the instance of ARPrint:

_ = ARPrint.sharedInstance

ARPrint init by itself when you call a print function.

To use it you have this public functions:

  • Print
public func println(_ message: String, tag:String = "", colour:UIColor = ARPrint.defaultColor)

Default color: Green

Default tag: β€”

Usual Functions
  • Error
public func printError(_ message: String)

  • Warning
public func printWarning(_ message: String)

  • Debug
public func printDebug(_ message: String)

Start / Stop

You can Start / Stop recording whatever you want using this property:

ARPrint.sharedInstance.isRecording = true
ARPrint.sharedInstance.isRecording = false

Show Console

You can show the console at any moment using this function:


Also you can show the console pressing three times the volume buttons If you want to disable this option you can use

ARPrint.sharedInstance.showWithVolume = false

Default value: true



println( "Any Message", tag:"Service",

printError("Checkout Alerts")
printWarning("Background Mode Starts")
printDebug("Update Alerts")



  • Auto reload
  • Color Print
  • Tags
  • Background recording
  • Customizable