AEPTarget 5.0.0

AEPTarget 5.0.0

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AEPTarget 5.0.0

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About this project

The AEPTarget helps test, personalize, and optimize mobile app experiences based on user behavior and mobile context. You can deliver interactions that engage and convert through iterative testing and rules-based and AI-powered personalization.


  • Xcode 14.1 (or newer)
  • Swift 5.1 (or newer)



# Podfile

# for app development, include all the following pods
target 'YOUR_TARGET_NAME' do
    pod 'AEPTarget'
    pod 'AEPCore'

Swift Package Manager

To add the AEPTarget Package to your application, from the Xcode menu select:

File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency...

Enter the URL for the AEPTarget package repository:

When prompted, specify the Version rule using a specific version range or an exact version.

Alternatively, if your project has a Package.swift file, you can add AEPTarget directly to your dependencies:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", .upToNextMajor(from: "4.0.0")),
targets: [
    .target(name: "YourTarget",
            dependencies: ["AEPTarget"],
	    path: "your/path")


Run the following command, from the project root directory, to generate the AEPTarget.xcframework in the build directory. But, first run make pod-install command to ensure the dependencies are installed.

make archive


The first time you clone or download the project, you should run the following from the root directory to setup the environment:

make pod-install

Subsequently, you can make sure your environment is updated by running the following:

make pod-update

Open the Xcode workspace

Open the workspace in Xcode by running the following command from the root directory of the repository:

make open

Command line integration

You can run all the test suites from command line:

make test


Additional documentation for API usage can be found under the Documentation directory.


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.