!ProtoCompiler-gRPCPlugin 1.50.0-pre1

!ProtoCompiler-gRPCPlugin 1.50.0-pre1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License Apache 2
ReleasedLast Release Oct 2022

Maintained by Muxi Yan, Jorge Canizales, yulinliang, Stanley Cheung, Srini Polavarapu, Prashant Jaikumar, Denny Dai.

Depends on:
!ProtoCompiler= 3.21.6
gRPC-ProtoRPC= 1.50.0-pre1

  • By
  • The gRPC contributors


The gRPC ProtoC plugin generates Objective-C files from .proto services.

This podspec only downloads the gRPC protoc plugin so that local pods generating protos can use
it in their invocation of protoc, as part of their prepare_command.
The generated code will have a dependency on the gRPC Objective-C Proto runtime of the same
version. The runtime can be obtained as the "gRPC-ProtoRPC" pod.


pod '!ProtoCompiler-gRPCPlugin'


The gRPC contributors


Apache 2