TLPhotoPicker 1.5.0

TLPhotoPicker 1.5.0

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License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Feb 2018
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Maintained by Wade Hawk.




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  • By
  • wade.hawk


Written in Swift 4

TLPhotoPicker enables application to pick images and videos from multiple smart album in iOS, similar to the current facebook app.

Demo 🙉

Facebook Picker TLPhotoPicker
Facebook Picker TLPhotoPicker


  • support smart album collection.
    • camera roll, selfies, panoramas, favorites, videos, custom users album
  • selected order index.
  • playback video and live photos.
    • just one. playback first video or live Photo in bounds of visible cell.
  • display video duration.
  • async phasset request and displayed cell.
    • scrolling performance is better than facebook in displaying video assets collection.
  • custom cell
  • reload of changes that occur in the Photos library.
  • support iCloud Photo Library
Smart album collection LivePhotoCell VideoPhotoCell PhotoCell CustomCell(instagram)
Facebook Picker LivePhotoCell VideoPhotoCell PhotoCell PhotoCell

Custom Camera Cell

Live CameraCell
Like Line


  • Swift 4.0 ( Swift 3.0 -> use 'version 1.2.7' )
  • iOS 9.1 (live photos)


TLPhotoPicker is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

platform :ios, '9.1'
pod "TLPhotoPicker"

Don't forget the Privacy Description in info.plist.


  • use delegate & custom cell
class ViewController: UIViewController,TLPhotosPickerViewControllerDelegate {
    var selectedAssets = [TLPHAsset]()
    @IBAction func pickerButtonTap() {
        let viewController = TLPhotosPickerViewController()
        viewController.delegate = self
        var configure = TLPhotosPickerConfigure()
        //configure.nibSet = (nibName: "CustomCell_Instagram", bundle: Bundle.main) // If you want use your custom cell..
        self.present(viewController, animated: true, completion: nil)
    func dismissPhotoPicker(withTLPHAssets: [TLPHAsset]) {
        // use selected order, fullresolution image
        self.selectedAssets = withTLPHAssets
    func dismissPhotoPicker(withPHAssets: [PHAsset]) {
        // if you want to used phasset. 
    func photoPickerDidCancel() {
        // cancel
    func dismissComplete() {
        // picker viewcontroller dismiss completion
    func didExceedMaximumNumberOfSelection(picker: TLPhotosPickerViewController) {
        // exceed max selection

//Custom Cell must subclass TLPhotoCollectionViewCell

class CustomCell_Instagram: TLPhotoCollectionViewCell {


//If you want custom camera cell?
//only used camera cell

@objc open func selectedCell()
@objc open func willDisplayCell()
@objc open func endDisplayingCell()
  • use closure
    convenience public init(withPHAssets: (([PHAsset]) -> Void)? = nil, didCancel: ((Void) -> Void)? = nil)
    convenience public init(withTLPHAssets: (([TLPHAsset]) -> Void)? = nil, didCancel: ((Void) -> Void)? = nil)
    open var didExceedMaximumNumberOfSelection: ((TLPhotosPickerViewController) -> Void)? = nil
    open var dismissCompletion: (() -> Void)? = nil
class ViewController: UIViewController,TLPhotosPickerViewControllerDelegate {
    var selectedAssets = [TLPHAsset]()
    @IBAction func pickerButtonTap() {
        let viewController = TLPhotosPickerViewController(withTLPHAssets: { [weak self] (assets) in // TLAssets
            self?.selectedAssets = assets
        }, didCancel: nil)
        viewController.didExceedMaximumNumberOfSelection = { [weak self] (picker) in
            //exceed max selection
        viewController.selectedAssets = self.selectedAssets
        self.present(viewController, animated: true, completion: nil)
  • TLPHAsset
public struct TLPHAsset {
    public enum AssetType {
        case photo,video,livePhoto
    // phasset 
    public var phAsset: PHAsset? = nil
    // selected order index
    public var selectedOrder: Int = 0
    // asset type
    public var type: AssetType
    // get full resolution image 
    public var fullResolutionImage: UIImage?
    // get video file size (async)
    public func videoSize(options: PHVideoRequestOptions? = nil, completion: @escaping ((Int)->Void))
    // get async icloud image (download)
    public func cloudImageDownload(progressBlock: @escaping (Double) -> Void, completionBlock:@escaping (UIImage?)-> Void ) -> PHImageRequestID?
    // get original asset file name
    public var originalFileName: String?


let viewController = TLPhotosPickerViewController()
var configure = TLPhotosPickerConfigure()
viewController.configure = configure

public struct TLPhotosPickerConfigure {
    public var defaultCameraRollTitle = "Camera Roll"
    public var tapHereToChange = "Tap here to change"
    public var usedCameraButton = true
    public var usedPrefetch = false
    public var allowedLivePhotos = true
    public var allowedVideo = true
    public var allowedVideoRecording = true
    public var maxVideoDuration:TimeInterval? = nil
    public var autoPlay = true
    public var muteAudio = true
    public var mediaType: PHAssetMediaType? = nil
    public var numberOfColumn = 3
    public var maxSelectedAssets: Int? = nil //default: inf
    public var singleSelectedMode = false
    public var selectedColor = UIColor(red: 88/255, green: 144/255, blue: 255/255, alpha: 1.0)
    public var cameraBgColor = UIColor(red: 221/255, green: 223/255, blue: 226/255, alpha: 1)
    public var cameraIcon = TLBundle.podBundleImage(named: "camera")
    public var videoIcon = TLBundle.podBundleImage(named: "video")
    public var placeholderIcon = TLBundle.podBundleImage(named: "insertPhotoMaterial")
    public var nibSet: (nibName: String, bundle:Bundle)? = nil // custom cell
    public var cameraCellNibSet: (nibName: String, bundle:Bundle)? = nil // custom camera cell
    public init() {

//customizable photos picker viewcontroller
class CustomPhotoPickerViewController: TLPhotosPickerViewController {
    override func makeUI() {
        self.customNavItem.leftBarButtonItem = UIBarButtonItem.init(barButtonSystemItem: .stop, target: nil, action: #selector(customAction))
    func customAction() {
        self.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)


Does your organization or project use TLPhotoPicker? Please let me know by email.

wade.hawk, [email protected]


TLPhotoPicker is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.