SwiftQuantumComputing 9.0.0

SwiftQuantumComputing 9.0.0

Maintained by Enrique de la Torre.

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A quantum circuit simulator in Swift

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In this repository you can find a quantum circuit simulator written in Swift and speeded up with Accelerate.framework. Along side the simulator there is also a genetic algorithm to automatically generate circuits able to solve a given quantum problem.

The code written so far is mostly based on the content of: Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists, with a few tips from Automatic Quantum Computer Programming: A Genetic Programming Approach. It is also inspired by IBM Qiskit.


To create a circuit gate by gate:

Deutsch's Algorithm

Check DeutschAlgorithm.playground for the actual code.

Or check Genetic.playground to see how to configure the genetic algorithm to produce a quantum circuit:

Circuit generated with a genetic algorithm