Patterns 1.0.3

Patterns 1.0.3

Maintained by Harish Kataria.

Patterns 1.0.3

  • By
  • Harish Kataria


Simplifying pattern building in Swift

Patterns is a framework for building regular-expression-like matchers with native Swift data types.


  • Enables developers to work with Swift-friendly data types to construct and test patterns.
  • Empowers developers to build readable Patterns using descriptive elements instead of raw string format.
  • Gives developers the capability to use Boolean operators to combine simple patterns to form complex ones.
  • Packages commonly used pattern types, including regular expressions, glob expressions, prefix matcher, suffice matcher, and everyone's favorite XCode's open-quickly command filter.
  • Provides reusable base functionality (via protocol extensions) which can be leveraged to build your own custom pattern types.


See sample code examples.


  • iOS 8.0+ / macOS 10.10+ / tvOS 9+ / watchOS 2+
  • Xcode 9+
  • Swift 4+


See install guide.


See Jazzy-generated docs.


Patterns is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.