PSCountDownButton 1.0.1

PSCountDownButton 1.0.1

Maintained by Shawn Pan, PPPan.

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A drop-in UIButton subclass makes countdown easy.

It's painful that each project has to write a register module with sms verification. So, I just make a toy to make it easy.

PSCountDownButton was created for that. It doesn't concentrate on what it looks like or which targets should be send action to. The only thing it handles for you is countdown.

PSCountDownButton supports both Code and Storyboard.

Getting Start

Installation with CocoaPods

add follow line into your podfile:

pod 'PSCountDownButton'


  1. Set Class to PSCountDownButton and fillLimited Sec at inspector if needed.
  2. Nothing but do any thing that you want to do.
  1. Nothing but use it like any UIButton.