AwesomeEnum 2.2.1

AwesomeEnum 2.2.1

Maintained by Ondrej Rafaj, Christopher Mühl, Georg von der Howen.


Font Awesome Slack Version License Platform

Super easy to use library containing the brand new Font Awesome 5, completely redesigned for Swift 4


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Awesome is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'AwesomeEnum'

for Carthage just add:

github "LiveUI/Awesome"


Import will be slightly different for Cocoapods/Carthage. Sorry for the confusion of names but some unreasonable fellow has already registered an Awesome pod before us :).


import AwesomeEnum


import Awesome

All icons are available through autogenerated enums like this:

let image = Awesome.solid.handScissors.asImage(size: 40.0)
// or
let image = CGSize(width: 40, height: 40), color: .red, backgroundColor: .blue) // :trollface:
// or
let attributedText = Awesome.regular.envelopeOpen.asAttributedText(fontSize: 17, color: .red, backgroundColor: .blue)

Font Awesome Pro

The Font Awesome Free files are included and loaded for you out of the box. Font Awesome Pro licensing terms don't allow to publish the font files however, so we can't add those for you. As such you will need to manually add the fonts to your project and register them before using them:

// AppDelegate application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:)

// Load all fonts
AwesomePro.loadFonts(from: Bundle.main)

// Load only some fonts
AwesomePro.loadFonts(from: Bundle.main, only: [.brand, .solid])

The filenames have to match Font Awesome's naming scheme (fa-brands-400.ttf, fa-light-300.ttf, fa-regular-400.ttf, fa-solid-900.ttf). You only have to include the fonts you are using.

Once the fonts are registered you can use the AwesomePro enum just as you'd use the Awesome enum, except that you now have access to all Font Awesome Pro icons.



Awesome is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE for more info. All fonts are property of Font Awesome!