AppsFlyerFramework 4.10.3

AppsFlyerFramework 4.10.3

ReleasedLast Release Jul 2019

Maintained by Gil Meroz, af-builder, Maxim Shoustin.

  • By
  • Maxim and Andrii


AppsFlyer helps mobile marketers measure and improve their performance through amazing tools, really big data and over 2,000 integrations.

  • Supports iOS 8+



Just add pod 'AppsFlyerFramework' into your Podfile.

Then run

$ pod install

Finally, import the framework:

// Swift
import AppsFlyerLib
// ObjC
#import <AppsFlyerTracker/AppsFlyerTracker.h>


Just add the following into your Cartfile:

binary ""

Then run

$ carthage bootstrap

Note: Old URI referencing Carthage.json is deprecated. If you use it please update your Cartfile to the new one to ease dependency management.


You can find the release changelog here.

In order for us to provide optimal support, we would kindly ask you to submit any issues to [email protected]

When submitting an issue please specify your AppsFlyer sign-up (account) email, your app ID, production steps, logs, code snippets and any additional relevant information.