ZXingObjC 3.6.5

ZXingObjC 3.6.5

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License Apache-2.0
ReleasedLast Release Feb 2019

Maintained by Costa Walcott, Costa Walcott, Donald Gaxho, Ben John.

ZXingObjC 3.6.5

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ZXingObjC is a full Objective-C port of ZXing ("Zebra Crossing"), a Java barcode image processing library. It is designed to be used on both iOS devices and in Mac applications.

The following barcodes are currently supported for both encoding and decoding:

  • UPC-A and UPC-E
  • EAN-8 and EAN-13
  • Code 39
  • Code 93
  • Code 128
  • ITF
  • Codabar
  • RSS-14 (all variants)
  • QR Code
  • Data Matrix
  • Maxicode
  • Aztec ('beta' quality)
  • PDF 417 ('beta' quality)

ZXingObjC currently has feature parity with ZXing version 3.3.3.


ZXingObjC requires Xcode 8.3.3 and above, targeting either iOS 8.0 and above, or Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and above.



NSError *error = nil;
ZXMultiFormatWriter *writer = [ZXMultiFormatWriter writer];
ZXBitMatrix* result = [writer encode:@"A string to encode"
if (result) {
  CGImageRef image = CGImageRetain([[ZXImage imageWithMatrix:result] cgimage]);

  // This CGImageRef image can be placed in a UIImage, NSImage, or written to a file.
} else {
  NSString *errorMessage = [error localizedDescription];


CGImageRef imageToDecode;  // Given a CGImage in which we are looking for barcodes

ZXLuminanceSource *source = [[[ZXCGImageLuminanceSource alloc] initWithCGImage:imageToDecode] autorelease];
ZXBinaryBitmap *bitmap = [ZXBinaryBitmap binaryBitmapWithBinarizer:[ZXHybridBinarizer binarizerWithSource:source]];

NSError *error = nil;

// There are a number of hints we can give to the reader, including
// possible formats, allowed lengths, and the string encoding.
ZXDecodeHints *hints = [ZXDecodeHints hints];

ZXMultiFormatReader *reader = [ZXMultiFormatReader reader];
ZXResult *result = [reader decode:bitmap
if (result) {
  // The coded result as a string. The raw data can be accessed with
  // result.rawBytes and result.length.
  NSString *contents = result.text;

  // The barcode format, such as a QR code or UPC-A
  ZXBarcodeFormat format = result.barcodeFormat;
} else {
  // Use error to determine why we didn't get a result, such as a barcode
  // not being found, an invalid checksum, or a format inconsistency.


We highly recommend Carthage as module manager.


ZXingObjC can be installed using Carthage. After installing Carthage just add ZXingObjC to your Cartfile:

github "TheLevelUp/ZXingObjC" ~> 3.6


CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. After installing CocoaPods add ZXingObjC to your Podfile:

platform :ios, '8.0'
pod 'ZXingObjC', '~> 3.6.4'


ZXingObjC includes several example applications found in "examples" folder:

  • BarcodeScanner - An iOS application that captures video from the camera, scans for barcodes and displays results on screen.
  • BarcodeScannerSwift - An iOS application that captures video from the camera, scans for barcodes and displays results on screen, completely rewritten in Swift.


  • cwalcott initial creator of this project
  • neacao for his unparalleled support lately
  • claybridges for all the help regarding the project move


ZXingObjC is available under the Apache 2.0 license.