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Dip is a Swift Dependency Injection Container. It provides reusable functionality for managing dependencies of your types and will help you to wire up different parts of your app.

License: MIT

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Dip-UI is a simple extension for Dip - Dependency Injection container for Swift. It adds features to support dependency injection for objects created by storyboards or loaded from nib files.

License: MIT

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  • Has Tests
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  • Swift


UITextView subclass with "Read more" behavior. UITextView extensions to handle touches in characters range.

  • Set "read more"/"read less" text as a String or NSAttributedString
  • Set maximum number of lines to display
  • Turn trim on/off
  • Live updates and setup in Interface Builder
  • Use UITextView extension methods to detect touches in arbitrary text ranges.

License: MIT

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A tool that brings meta-programming to Swift, allowing you to code generate Swift code. * Featuring daemon mode that allows you to write templates side-by-side with generated code. * Using SourceKit so you can scan your regular code.

License: MIT

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  • Objective C