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GSKStretchyHeaderView allows you to add a stretchy header view (like Twitter's or Spotify's) to any existing UITableView and UICollectionView. There is no need inherit from custom view controllers, just create your custom header view and add it to your UITableView or UICollectionView. Creating a custom stretchy header view is as easy as inheriting from the base class or using Interface Builder.

License: MIT

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GranadaLayout tries to emulate the Android Layout system and bring as much as possible from its functionality to the iOS world. It includes a relative layout to position and size views relative to each other and a linear layout to stack views. A layout inflater is also provided, so that layouts can be defined in simple JSON files.

License: Apache 2

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This is a Markdown => NSAttributedString parser built on top of a flex parser. It takes an NSString and returns an NSAttributedString with markdown tags replaced by CoreText formatting attributes.

License: Apache 2

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