Timothy Moose



A very flexible message bar for iOS written in Swift.

License: MIT

  • Swift


TLIndexPathTools is a small set of classes that can greatly simplify your table and collection views. Here are some of the awesome things TLIndexPathTools does:

License: MIT

  • Objective C


TLLayoutTransitioning provides a TLLayoutTransition transition layout subclass and a UICollectionView+TLTransitioning category that combine to solve a few problems with collection view layout transitioning:

  1. UICollectionViewLayoutTransition does not handle content offset well, often leaving cells where you don't want them. TLTransitionLayout provides elegant control of content offset with Minimal, Visible, Center, Top, Left, Bottom or Right placement options relative to one or more index paths.

  2. UICollectionViewLayoutTransition does not support supplementary views. TLTransitionLayout provides support for any supplementary view kinds specified in the initializer.

  3. -[UICollectionView setCollectionViewLayout:animated:completion] has [serious known bugs][3] in iOS7 and does not provide any animation options. TLLayoutTransitioning provides a robust alternative to this API with support for animation duration, 30+ easing curves and content offset control. This is done by using CADisplayLink to drive an interactive TLTransitionLayout as a non-interactive animation.

Check out the demos in the Examples workspace!

Changes in 1.0.10 * Move c function declarations out of interface to make Swift happy

License: MIT

  • Objective C


Simple grid layout for UICollectionView with sticky headers. Vertical scrolling.

Note about iOS7

The original intent of this library was to fix a multitude of animation issues with UICollectionViewFlowLayout and batch updates in iOS6. The "Expand" and "Sort & Filter" sample projects illustrate two such issues with side-by-side comparisons of UICollectionViewFlowLayout and VCollectionViewGridLayout. Note that in iOS7, both of these sample projects work correctly with UICollectionViewFlowLayout, so this library may not provide any benefit over UICollectionViewFlowLayout beyond sticky headers.

License: Apache 2

  • Objective C