Aleksander Nowakowski



The nRF5x Series chips are flash-based SoCs, and as such they represent the most flexible solution available. A key feature of the nRF5x Series and their associated software architecture and S-Series SoftDevices is the possibility for Over-The-Air Device Firmware Upgrade (OTA-DFU). See Figure 1. OTA-DFU allows firmware upgrades to be issued and downloaded to products in the field via the cloud and so enables OEMs to fix bugs and introduce new features to products that are already out on the market. This brings added security and flexibility to product development when using the nRF5x Series SoCs.

License: BSD-3-Clause

  • Swift


This is a mobile SDK for the Thingy:52 devices developed by Nordic Semiconductor, the Thingy is a development board with a vast amount of sensors, an input button and a RGB LED, fully customizable thanks to its Bluetooth API that requires no firmware programming knowledge. This SDK takes it a step further by allowing developers create their own Thingy:52 compatible applications with ease.


  • Swift