Christian Hatch



ColorMix is a simple view with RGB and HSB sliders that allows you to select a color.

License: MIT

  • Objective C


Give your model objects a consistent JSON conversion / mapping / caching / offline strategy without getting in your way

Designed to be flexible enough to let you implement your models as your requirements dictate while giving you a general framework to organize your JSON parsing and caching strategy.

A collection of composable but distinct features, so you can use the mixins that work for the use case at hand.

Simple, straightforward, and lightweight; Derulo sits right between "I'll just implement it myself without a third party library" and "I don't really want to reinvent the wheel and implement a JSON strategy from scratch"

License: MIT

  • Swift


SimpleImageSlider is a simple image gallery view that allows a user to scroll horizontally through an array of images. Great for collection view and table view headers, or anywhere you need an image gallery!

License: MIT

  • Objective C