Donald Burr



FSNetworking is a small library for HTTP networking on iOS.

License: Custom

  • Objective C


Unparsable at trunk import time.

License: CC

  • Objective C


The Google AdMob Ads SDK allows developers to easily incorporate mobile-friendly text and image banners as well as rich, full-screen web apps known as interstitials.

License: Custom

  • Objective C


This version of the iPhone ARKit is a forked version of the ARKit started on GitHub by Zac White.

Major Update!

  • works with iOS6 SDK only!
  • Project is now ARC enabled
  • The AugmentedRealityController can now be added to any View!!
  • Demo now shows full screen and a View in the main Window!
  • AugmentRealityController code has been cleaned up and simplified.
  • Additional changes are coming soon to simplifiy the use of the toolkit even further.

License: MIT

  • Objective C


NNNetwork is built atop AFNetworking and it provides categories for networking, OAuth 1.0 utilities and read later integration classes (supports Instapaper, Pocket and Readability). It also includes iOS 6 UIActivity providers for these services that can be used in UIActivityViewControllers.

License: MIT

  • Objective C


ObjectiveWMM is a simple repackaging for iOS of the C-language World Magnetic Model published by the United States' National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the United Kingdom's Defence Geographic Centre (DGC). WMM is primarily useful to be able to determine the magnetic declination for a given location on a given date, required in order to convert between headings relative to true north and magnetic north.

License: MIT

  • C


The TextExpander SDK lets you add TextExpander functionality to your iOS apps. TextExpander is an app that allows you to define shortcut "snippets" that automatically expand into any arbitrary length of text when typed.

  • Note for iOS 9: You must add the following entries to LSApplicationQueriesSchemes in Info.plist:

tetouch tetouch-xc tetouch-settings

If you do not add these entries, the SDK will always report that TextExpander is NOT installed, expansion will not work in your app, and your app will not be able to update snippets

  • Note for TextExpander 2.3+ *

TextExpander 2.3+ no longer uses Reminders (EventKit) to pass snippet data. When upgrading your apps, please make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the EventKit framework from your project unless you use it for something other than TextExpander
  2. Remove or edit the NSRemindersUsageDescription in your Info.plist
  3. Remove calls to -[SMTEDelegateController willEnterForeground]
  4. If you've implemented fill-ins, search and replace fillForAppName with clientAppName
  5. Remove any code checking for access to Reminders unless your app uses Reminders for other purposes
  6. Follow the instructions under Acquiring / Updating Snippet Data in the SDK Read Me file, or at:

License: Commercial

  • Objective C