Brian King



An application update library.

License: MIT

  • Objective C


RZBluetooth is a Core Bluetooth helper with 3 primary goals:

  • Simplify the delegate callbacks and encourage best practices
  • Provide a pattern for Profile level APIs, with support for public profiles
  • Simplify and encourage testing - including unit tests, automated integration tests, and manual tests.


  • Objective C


Tired of writing boilerplate to import deserialized API responses to model objects?

Tired of dealing with dozens and dozens of string keys?

RZImport is here to help!

RZImport is a category on NSObject and an accompanying optional protocol for creating and updating model objects in your iOS applications. It's particularly useful for importing objects from deserialized JSON HTTP responses in REST APIs, but it works with any NSDictionary or array of dictionaries that you need to convert to native model objects.

License: MIT

  • Objective C


Stack management, ActiveRecord utilities, and seamless importing for Core Data. RZVinyl makes it easy to manage Core Data stacks, multiple contexts, concurrency, and more.

ActiveRecord-style extensions for NSManagedObject let you easily create, find, filter, sort, and enumerate objects in your database.

With the RZImport extension, importing objects into Core Data from external sources is simple and intuitive.

License: MIT

  • Objective C