Summer of code 2015

We're participating in Rails's Girls Summer of Code 2015. This is a great chance to work on Open Source and to get paid doing it!

You'll get to work with mentors who have worked on all aspects of the CocoaPods ecosystem, and to improve tooling that positively affects almost every iOS / Mac application.

We currently have the following projects for the summer:


Working on the CocoaPods ruby gem means affecting hundreds of thousands of apps. You can build features that people have been asking about for a long time, or fix long standing issues.

  • CocoaPods / Core - Xcode Projects as a target


    Add support for Xcode projects to a Podspec.

  • CocoaPods / Core - Split CocoaPods into plugins


    Take the CocoaPods project and split it into a collection of gems based around functionally, such as the creation of the workspace, the resolver and the downloader.


The CocoaPods website reaches hundreds of thousands of hits a month. It's a high profile website with many interleaved components from search, to documentation & metric generation.

  • - CocoaPods Lists

    Create an website that allows user-generated lists of Pods. These can come with user annotations allowing for favourite lists, or for allowing for official "best of class" libraries. In a similar vein to


The command line is not the only way. We have a working implemntation of a hosted CocoaPods environment within an App, and we can take it to the next level. These are good choices if you're interested in working in Objective-C.

  • - Add Launcher Window


    Create a launch window so that when the App is loaded you can see what has changed on CocoaPods, and what projects you had open recently.

  • - Add in-app Pod database


    Create a local cached pods database so that when editing a Podfile we can give autocompletion and allow for fast searching