CocoaPods Test Jam

Elevator Pitch

TLDR/Elevator Pitch: If the community is going to move towards Swift, then let’s make sure that our Objective-C is in order by adding tests to established libraries.

Get started

At the moment we are using a spreadsheet with our known existing pods to keep it easy to help each other out. We're also using this oppertunity to help people get bootstrapped if you're not used to testing your code. You will be in a community of other programmers of varying experience and its a great time to ask questions as you get started.

Shared Resources

IRC setup guide

We will be using IRC to chat, and to interact with each other. We will be keeping stats on what's going on in a google spreadsheet (I know, but it's pragmatic.)

If you are new to IRC, you can connect either via Textual, Limechat, a web-IRC adaptor or any client of your choice. We will be using the channel #cocoapods on

Setting up Textual looks like this screenshot.

Community Guidelines

We all want a healthy event, we're using the CocoaPods Code of Conduct around the events, and the Recurse Social Rules for the IRC channel.