Changelog for all versions

Yalta 1.1

Yalta 1.0

Updated to Swift 4.2 (required) and Xcode 10.

Yalta 0.6

A minor update to make Yalta a bit more ergonomic.

Yalta 0.5.1

Yalta 0.5

Yalta 0.4

Yalta 0.3.1

Small update that focuses on improving offsetting(by:) method.

Yalta 0.3

Now you can manipulate multiple edges at the same time instead:

view.addSubview(stack) {
    $0.edges.pinToSuperview() // pins the edges to fill the superview
    $0.edges.pinToSuperview(insets: Insets(10)) // with insets
    $0.edges.pinToSuperviewMargins() // or margins

    $0.edges(.left, .right).pinToSuperview() // fill along horizontal axis
    $0.centerY.alignWithSuperview() // center along vertical axis

This is a much simpler model which removes entire layer of standalone methods available on LayoutItems. Now you always select either an anchor or collections of anchors, then use their methods to add constraints. Much simpler.

Yalta 0.2

Yalta 0.1.1

Yalta 0.1