Breaking changes

New features

Tweens can now be scrubbed along a Timeline using the optional timeline property.

// To associate a timeline with a tween:
tween.timeline = timeline

// To scrub the associated tweens:
timeline.scrubber?.timeOffset = 0.1

Tween API now supports an arbitrary number of values. The old from/to APIs have been deprecated.

Source changes

API changes


new method: commitToValue(to:) in Tween

new method: commitFirstValue(to:) in Tween

new var: values in Tween

new var: timingFunctions in Tween

new var: timeline in Tween

new var: keyPositions in Tween

new method: init(_:duration:values:) in Tween

deprecated method: commitFromValue(to:) in Tween

deprecated method: commitLastValue(to:) in Tween

deprecated method: init(_:duration:) in Tween

deprecated var: from in Tween

deprecated var: to in Tween

deprecated var: timingFunction in Tween

Non-source changes


This release adds support for Runtime v5.

Source changes

Non-source changes


Initial release.

Source changes

API changes

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apidiff 99fdffa05e14a9803d79d000468bca8ef367fcc3 6112242ca637580ff8af376ea392675cd8618234 swift MaterialMotionCoreAnimationFamily.xcworkspace MaterialMotionCoreAnimationFamily


new method: commitToValue(to:) in Tween

new var: from in Tween

new var: timingFunction in Tween

new var: duration in Tween

new method: init(_:duration:) in Tween

new method: commitFromValue(to:) in Tween

new method: performerClass() in Tween

new class: Tween

new var: delay in Tween

new var: to in Tween

new method: copy(with:) in Tween

new var: keyPath in Tween

Non-source changes