Version 6.0.0

Version 4.1.0

Version 4.0

Support for Swift 3 is finally here! Enjoy! 🎉

Version 3.1

Not published to CocoaPods yet, use tag directly:

pod 'ImageViewer', :git => '', :tag => '3.1'


ImageViewer 3.0 is our biggest release yet both in terms of codebase and feature evolution. We tackled the inevitable step - video playback. Video content is deliberately treated exactly the same way as images incl. pinch to zoom, doubleTap or swipe-to-dismiss.

We have completely redesigned the way content is displaced™ :) from the parent canvas to ImageViewer. Images and videos now seamlessly morph from aspectFill and other aspect-ratio-breaking modes to aspectFit FullScreen. A new built-in Thumbnails screen allows you to handle large sets of images and videos.

The number of configuration options has almost tripled. You can tweak every aspect of the complex displacement animation composition including speed & timing. Images with transparency are now equally supported. Main background layer allows for semitransparent color and blur.

Config options


Config options